Is it possible to avail an instant loan despite Credit Bureau entry.


Who offers an instant loan despite Credit Bureau entry? For whom is a foreign loan recommended, when is a loan possible despite Credit Bureau from within Germany? The article provides more information on credit options with poor credit ratings.

Immediate loan despite Credit Bureau entry – immediate loan possible?

Immediate loan despite Credit Bureau entry - immediate loan possible?

In advertising, instant loans are advertised in all credit ratings. The promotion of an instant loan despite Credit Bureau entry is no exception. However, nobody should take the term “instant loan” too precisely. A real instant loan is excluded in the event of creditworthiness difficulties. Instant loans are small loans that are approved in the simplified credit check procedure. A real instant loan is therefore “almost” something like a fully automated assembly line loan.

The computer program that makes the decision only checks whether the level of income complies with the company’s internal requirements. It then queries the Credit Bureau and evaluates the loan in terms of the score. If the Credit Bureau is clean, the score complies with the guidelines, the clerk then checks the payroll to check it. Then he approves the loan. The entire simplified procedure is based on making the credit decision only via the score and the Credit Bureau. Of course, this procedure is not possible in the case of a bad Credit Bureau.

Only a loan is possible despite the Credit Bureau entry, which is checked in the normal credit check procedure. However, the process does not have to be much slower. However, there may be inquiries or additional documents are requested. Despite Credit Bureau’s entry, the instant loan is advertised as a loan from a foreign bank and as a loan from Germany. Which loan is the right choice in individual cases depends on personal circumstances. A domestic loan can only be considered if the entry is marked as completed. If the negative entry has not yet been marked as done, then only the foreign credit remains.

Immediate loan from abroad despite Credit Bureau entry

Immediate loan from abroad despite Credit Bureau entry

Credit intermediaries are practically without exception behind the advertising for Credit Bureau-free credit solutions. The direct advertising of a foreign credit institution is not so easy to track down. If some reputable credit brokers were to reveal their source, it would be very easy to find a loan. As far as is known, there is only one credit bank that can legally offer an instant loan despite Credit Bureau entry. It is Cream Bank from Liechtenstein.

According to all research, only this bank has the necessary licenses to be able to grant Credit Bureau-free loans to Germans. Before, before 2009 there were several credit providers in the market. In April 2009, Credit Bureau-free credit options were put to the test. BaFin (banking supervision) had prohibited Lite Lender Company from granting loans to Germans. After six years of litigation, the Federal Administrative Court upheld the ban. With Across Lender, the other credit providers for Swiss loans also disappeared from the market.

Founded in accordance with the legal requirements, Lite bank only closed the market gap at the end of 2010. Just like before, only small loans amounting to either 3,500 USD or 5,000 USD are granted. The creditworthiness for the lending is derived exclusively from income from dependent employment. The employment relationship should have existed for at least 12 months.

In addition, the applicant must not have an entry in the public debt register. A loan of 3,500 USD costs 11.62 percent APR if you apply directly. Proof of this is a net labor income of at least 1,130 USD (single person). An annual effective interest rate of 11.61 percent is charged for a loan of USD 5,000. Evidence of 1,600 USD in net income can be provided.

Credit despite Credit Bureau – domestic credit

Credit despite Credit Bureau - domestic credit

With a completed Credit Bureau entry, the credit offer of a German credit bank can be used as an alternative to the foreign loan. Again, it is not easy to find a direct loan provider in advertising. If an instant loan should come from Germany despite a Credit Bureau entry, the credit attempt via a reputable credit broker offers selection options. Only established intermediaries actually know all credit institutions that grant a loan despite Credit Bureau in Germany. An example of a loan option despite Credit Bureau would be that of Cream Bank.

It mainly offers loans for debt restructuring despite Credit Bureau, but small loan amounts are also possible as “extra credit”. What is particularly appealing about this loan option is the flexibility of the loan offer. In terms of both the term and the amount of the loan, no customer request is ignored. However, the effective annual interest rate to be paid for this can be described as terrifying. Regardless of the loan amount and term, 11.95 percent APR are charged. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether an instant loan is worth it despite the Credit Bureau entry at these interest rates.